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Plaintiff, Defense Lawyers Host Client Advocacy Event

The New Lawyer Divisions of Colorado Defense Lawyers Association (CDLA) and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) are hosting a happy hour and special CLE discussion on "Advocating for Your Client.”

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Objections 101

The second post in a series on jury trials discusses what the major objections during a jury trial may be.

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What To Expect in Voir Dire

New to the jury process? Have questions about what to expect? Learn more about the initial stages of a jury trial in a new series of posts. The first covers what to expect during...

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Christina Habas Receives Award from National Trial Organization

Habas, who has taught trial advocacy skills for more than two decades, is receiving the National Institute of Trial Advocacy's annual Robert Keeton Award for Outstanding Service as a NITA Faculty Member.

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What is a case worth?

Unless a lawyer has done the hard work of gathering all of the relevant information and considering that information, their opinion about your case’s worth is questionable.

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