Case Results

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Our cause is nothing less than justice for injured people and obtaining full financial compensation to enable our clients and their families to regain their lives. Our firm has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients. We have secured more than 60 verdicts/settlements – each in excess of $1 million. Recent notable cases in which we have been involved include:
  • A Client Family received a $3.2 million settlement in its wrongful death case against a Washington-state tire dealership. The case centered around a 2012 accident that killed the father as his daughter was driving at highway speeds on I-70 near Limon, Colorado, and their car suffered a tire tread separation on a rear tire. The family was driving a 2000 Ford Ranger pickup that had two recently purchased tires on its front wheels. The tire dealership that installed the new tires neglected to recommend that the family also replace the rear tires, which were 14 years old. Shareholder Christina Habas, along with co-counsel, were able to secure a seven-figure settlement from the defendants in the case.
  • The O’Melia family, including the parents of 12-year old Drennan O’Melia, prevailed in a wrongful death lawsuit against Southglenn Country Club. At trial, shareholders Mike Keating and Deirdre Ostrowski were able to show that due to the lifeguards lack of training and the lack of attention to safety by the Country Club and the pool’s manager, Drennan drowned. An Arapahoe County jury awarded $3.8 million to Drennan’s parents after concluding that the Country Club and its employees failed to conduct the operations at the pool in a safe manner and failed to provide adequately trained and supervised lifeguards at the pool.
  • Colette Johnson, the wife of 39-year-old information technology professional Mark Johnson, and their five surviving children prevailed in a suit against Allstate Sweeping, LLC.  The jury awarded the family $9 million in damages in Douglas County District Court.  On December 17, 2009, at approximately 8:58 p.m., Allstate Sweeping, LLC was operating a street sweeper on E-470 as it passed over Parker Road. The sweeper protruded half way out into the far left lane of travel while travelling 3 – 5 m.p.h.  The sweeper lacked a number of required traffic control and safety devices designed to make the sweeper visible to approaching traffic.  The initial investigation by the Colorado State Patrol concluded that all of the fault for the collision was on Mr. Johnson.  At trial, on behalf of the Johnson family, the firm successfully argued that Allstate had the majority of responsibility for the death, because there were inadequate warnings for oncoming drivers.
  • A jury verdict of $3,565,000 for Timothy Beene, a firefighter whose legs were crushed and broken when a Ford Expedition seemingly placed in Park rolled downhill pinning the unsuspecting 50-year-old between it and his own truck. Timothy was changing out of his fire gear and sitting on his tailgate.  Permanently impaired and disfigured, Timothy had completed 7 of the 11 surgeries he will undergo, including a knee replacement and ankle fusion, when we successfully tried his case.  Read more.
  • Brian Dillon received a nearly $1 million settlement in a bad faith insurance case that stemmed from a drunk driving collision. Brian was injured in a horrific head-on crash that involved 4 people in two cars, including a drunk driver who was subsequently imprisoned.  American Family Insurance refused to reach a settlement within the minimum limits the grounds that one of the occupants, who never sought medical treatment but was negotiating a property damage claim, did not participate in the division of the proceeds. Shareholders Bill Keating and Tina Habas were able to secure $940,000 for Dillon.
A sample of recoveries:
$39,667,000 Unmaintained utility pole – Spinal cord injury
$15,000,000 Defective wheel rim – Brain injury
$10,500,000 Defective fuel system – Burns/loss of hearing
$15,000,000 Defective wheel rim – Brain injury
$2,200,000 Propane explosion – Burns
$4,500,000 SUV rollover – Death and injuries
$1,500,000 Negligent maintenance – Orthopedic injuries
$1,100,000 Bicycle accident -Orthopedic injuries
$3,800,000 Crane collapse – Brain injury
$5,000,000+ Day care assault – Five victims
$2,000,000 Defective construction equipment – Burns
$1,250,000 Injured motorcyclist – Leg injury
$5,500,000 Trucking accident – Brain injury
$2,200,000 Defectively designed swimming pool – Paralysis
$1,000,000 Defective explosive device – Loss of hand
Confidential settlement Defective auto reclining seat back -Wrongful death
Confidential settlement Natural gas explosion – Burns
$1,800,000 Defective snow plow – Spinal cord injury
Confidential settlement Defective seat belts -Wrongful death
$1,000,000 Defective all terrain vehicle – Spinal cord injury
$1,600,000 Auto/truck accident – Back injury

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