Seeing Is Believing: The Work Behind The Results

We handle complex cases with great care. There are no shortcuts to winning.

Over more than 30 years, we have mastered the medical and technical expertise necessary to be successful in catastrophic injury cases. We use state of the art technology and creativity to develop effective, hard-hitting and compelling video brochures which take our cases directly to the decision makers.

Videos can include day-in-the-life presentations, interviews with clients, family members, physicians and experts as well as the use of radiology films, medical illustrations and other demonstrative evidence. (Samples of these videos are available.)

Keating Wagner Polidori Free, P.C. has built the solid financial resources required to take on the responsibilities and challenges involved in complex, hard fought litigation. These resources enable us to engage the best expert witnesses, graphic illustrators and videographers to provide unmistakable clarity in telling the complicated stories behind devastating injuries.

The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law. See Terms of Use.