Checklist for injuries at sporting events, festivals, and concerts

Colorado’s warm weather during Fall calls us all to attend outdoor festivals, sporting events and concerts. While the likelihood of injury at any of these events is not necessarily likely, it’s important to think about a few things in case injury occurs.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings: Is there security at the venue?  If not, is the perimeter of the building monitored?  Are exit doors secure?  What will you do if something happens?  Only if you are aware of your surrounding will you be able to either escape, or get help, if needed. 
  2. Remember the venue: Consider the following: where within the venue were you hurt, who else was around, how did the injury occur, what was happening when the injury happened? Was there security or additional witnesses nearby?   If possible, use your cellphone or other mobile device to record as much as you can about that area.
  3. Know who the players are: who owns the venue? If it is a public area, was it leased or licensed to a third party? Were there any other parties involved in the injury?
  4. Keep track of your costs: If you have to go to the doctor, ensure they document your injury; keep receipts and health care documents.
  5. Contact your attorney to discuss the case and any potential options you may have.


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