Keating Wagner Collects $3.2M Settlement in Wrongful Death Suit

Attorneys from Keating Wagner Polidori Free recently received a $3.2 million settlement on behalf of a family who filed a wrongful death action against a tire dealership in Washington state.

Shareholder Christina Habas, who worked with co-counsel in Colorado and Washington, represented a family who tragically lost their father in a tire tread separation accident in 2012. On Father’s Day of that year, a father and his daughter, were driving through Colorado on I-70 east of Limon their way to a family vacation in New York. They were both wearing seatbelts.

While driving the speed limit, the daughter felt the 2000 Ford Ranger pickup was “rocky” and she took her foot off the accelerator while remaining steady on the road. Despite her actions, the Ranger went off the road, rolling over onto the right shoulder. The father was thrown from the vehicle and landed 115 feet east of the vehicle’s resting place. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident due to multiple blunt force traumas.

Prior to the accident, the family had purchased two new tires for the Ranger, and the tire dealer placed the new tires on the front of the vehicle. Even though the rear tires were 14 years old, the tire dealer did not recommend placement of the new tires on the rear axle.

The family sued the car manufacturer, the tire manufacturer and the tire dealer. They claimed that the tire was defectively designed and manufactured, the door latch was defective, and the tire dealer should have recommended replacement of the defective tire. The family settled early with the two manufacturers. The tire dealer denied that it was negligent in failing to place the tires on the Ranger’s rear axle, and argued that the daughter was an inexperienced driver. The tire dealer also argued that car’s door latch was defective.

The parties settled before trial with the tire dealer for $3.2 million.

Photo of Truck at Scene

Photos of a 2000 Ford Ranger pickup after it incurred a tire tread separation blowout.


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