Over sedation and lax supervision during Lifestyle Lift caused severe patient injuries

            Today, a lawsuit was filed in the Denver District Court on behalf of Anita Dones.  The suit names, among others, Lifestyle Lift West, P.C. and alleges that Ms. Dones was permanently injured when Lifestyle Lift excessively sedated Ms. Dones, left her unattended and allowed her to fall from a surgical chair to the floor, breaking her neck and injuring her spinal cord. 

            The lawsuit also notes that there were unlicensed and unqualified medical staff members working with Ms. Dones, that Lifestyle Lift failed to properly screen the qualifications or criminal backgrounds of those staff members before hiring them, and did not adequately monitor those staff members once hired.

            Lifestyle Lift centers are located in 19 states, and claim that their procedures are, “safe, affordable and quick.”  They also make representations, through their advertising, that their patients are, “in the best of hands, through every step” of their procedures, and that their patients’ “welfare, satisfaction and safety are of the utmost importance!”  The suit is making a claim under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act for deceptive practices.

            “We are asking Lifestyle Lift to take responsibility for failing to provide for the welfare and safety of their patients.  Instead, they took shortcuts that resulted in severe injuries to Ms. Dones,” said Deirdre Ostrowski of Keating Wagner Polidori & Free, the attorneys working on behalf of Ms. Dones.  The lawsuit is seeking unspecific damages. 


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