Road trip safety

If you’re a family that hits the road for vacation, whether the weather is still warm, or during the holidays to visit relatives, you should always be aware of a few tips to avoid hazards on the nation’s highways.

Because of the sheer number of large trucks and big rigs on the roads, a top concern for highway travel is avoiding collisions with them. Be sure you are consistently aware of other trucks and cars around you as you drive, particularly if you are switching lanes, are driving through a construction zone or are traveling at excess speed.

Trucks have much larger blind spots than passenger vehicles, so always be sure you can see a truck’s side mirrors — if you can see them, the driver can see you.

Because large trucks need more time to slow down, always give them a bit more leeway, particularly if the road conditions are wet or slippery. Also ensure that if a truck has its signal on to pass or turn, that you allow them more than enough room to do so. Never attempt to pass a truck that is in the midst of a turn, and avoid cutting a truck off to reach an exit as your actions could cause the truck to swerve or cause an accident.

If you are involved in an accident, ensure that you move the car from the traffic pattern, if possible. Ensure that all of your passengers are unhurt, and call emergency personnel to alert them of your location.

You should also be sure to carry a package of emergency items in the case of an accident including blankets, a First Aid kit, bottled water, flares and other emergency essentials.

To read more about road safety, visit AAA’s site.   


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